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In a culture where most people don’t know their neighbors’ names, where we are lonelier than ever, where we don't know how to talk to people who are different from us, we discovered that we couldn't live without our neighbors. Since then, we wrote this book for those who want to grow in what Jesus Christ said was the most important thing we could ever do with our lives- to love God and love our neighbors.


Grab some friends and go love your neighbors together.

Praise for Placed for a Purpose

“If you’ve ever had the desire to see God work in and through you right where he has you, then Placed for a Purpose is the perfect practical and heart-engaging guide. 


David Robbins, President and CEO of FamilyLife


"Placed for a Purpose [helps you want] to create margin in your life so you can be more present with the people who live right outside your front door."


Dave Runyon, Co-author of Art of Neighboring

“The material in this book is really good—insightful, educational, motivating, and actually fun to do while you make new friends."

Dave Cover, Co-lead Pastor, The Crossing

“This book could radically change the way we view and engage our neighbors. 


Courtney Doctor, Coordinator of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition;

Author of From Garden to Glory: A Bible Study on the Bible’s Story 

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Good for All Conference, 2022

Placed for a Purpose

In a culture where it can feel difficult to build relationships with the people who live around us, we can be emboldened to love our next-door neighbors because we know we have been placed for a purpose. God is at work behind our neighbors' front doors. 

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Neighboring out of Weakness

video for FamilyLife ministry

Two weeks in to January and all its New Years Resolutions, our whole family got sick and we got put in the blender. But we don't have to wait until we're 100 percent to think outside ourselves. We can love our neighbors in our weakness and brokenness.


In fact, maybe if we showed our neighbors that we’re works in progress, they’d conclude God isn’t finished with them either.

Jesus Saw His Neighbors

Elizabeth McKinney,

Created For Virtual Conference


New to neighboring?

Here are some simple first steps that will help you build lasting relationships with your neighbors.

Want some some next steps?

Let's set up a 30-60 min phone or Zoom call to brainstorm how you can take the next step in your personal neighboring context.

Need more resources?

We will help your church with the big picture, posture, and practice of neighboring. 


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