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We offer Neighbor Coaching to individuals around the country. We seek to come alongside anyone who is interested and offer prayer, encouragement, theological and Biblical support, help them overcome obstacles and give practical ideas for how to develop relationships with their neighbors.

What are the benefits of Neighbor Coaching?


1) Vision

2) Expertise

3) Practical Resources

4) Personal Application

What could we discuss in our call? 

  • Working through obstacles

  • Being motivated by the gospel, not guilt

  • Moving from strangers to friends

  • Finding common ground

  • Seeking the welfare of your neighborhood

  • Taking the awkwardness out of neighboring

  • Ultimate vs ulterior motives

  • Valuing the small things

  • Initiating, serving, and cultivating relationships

  • Working through conflict

  • Gospel-motivated conversations

  • Practicing Gospel clarity

  • Practical ideas that fit your temperament, life stage and neighboring context


Sign up for a 30-60 minute individual coaching call with us via Zoom.

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