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We'll facilitate a thirty minute or one-hour time of virtual teaching and discussion with your church staff to get them thinking and praying about what it means to see and love their own neighbors. As a result, you will prayerfully see a church culture develop over time where people have a vision for how they could be a part of God's work in their neighborhoods.

What would we discuss with your church staff?

  • Working through obstacles

  • Being motivated by the gospel, not guilt

  • Moving from strangers to friends

  • Finding common ground

  • Seeking the welfare of your neighborhood

  • Taking the awkwardness out of neighboring

  • Ultimate vs ulterior motives

  • Valuing the small things

  • Initiating, serving, and cultivating relationships

  • Working through conflict

  • Gospel-motivated conversations

  • Practicing Gospel clarity

  • Practical ideas that fit your temperament, life stage and neighboring context

Contact us to schedule a 30 or 60 minute time of staff development.

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