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I almost can’t allow myself to scroll back and read the captions on all the 2020 New Year’s social media posts. They’re so cringeworthy. But then I do it anyway. There we were, dressed all cute with huge, goofy smiles on our faces, raising our glasses:

“Here’s to our best year yet!” “Whatever’s in store, bring it on!” “Cheers to 2020! The best is yet to come!”

I can’t look away. Poor things, we had no idea what was coming for us. The wildfires, Covid lockdowns, two-inch murder hornets, the death of George Floyd, and political divisions in our neighborhoods, churches, and families like we’ve never seen before.

The sheer pleasure that came when we tore the last page of December from our calendars was felt in every home, and we could see the glow ahead. The word itself had never sounded so sweet: January. Surely 2021 will ransom us from the last twelve months we’ve spent trudging through this wasteland. We’re counting on it.

But given what we’ve all just been through, we may want to adjust our expectations slightly and take some time to reflect on how we’re all showing up in this new calendar year. If nothing else, to protect us from reliving our last year’s Instagram captions. We need some emotional EQ. And more than that, we need to know where God is in all of it.

What can we expect from 2021? We can all expect to feel these five things...

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Photo courtesy of Zoritsa Valova from Unsplash.


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